Securing our healthcare facilities is critical. Currently, there is wantonly inadequate safeguards in place due to the rapid transformation of digital systems and the complexity supplying many service providers into these facilities.

Lyon Stone is pioneering solutions to these challenges with new policies, procedures and blockchain compatible technology designed to reduce risk, fraud, and negligence, thereby providing a safer place for everyone to work and heal.

“The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.”

Don & Alex Tapscott, authors Blockchain Revolution (2016)



LyonPass™ is our revolutionary and proprietary personnel verification system to provide access to secure data by healthcare organizations and their representatives. We verify personnel credential status and all other pertinent data following a chain of custody process which prevents corruption or fraud by using 3 independent verification points for every transactional change to a personnel profile. All information is updated using our LyonPass Kiosk Portal™, LyonPass Rep Portal™, and LyonPass Mobile App™, which all use blockchain software technology, cryptography secured ledgers to store our records with the same integrity designed for the new crypto currencies.

We manage all user interface and interaction with any party using a secure and verified transaction. All of our processes are developed with the advantage of new technology designed for security for public accessibility, such as Crowd Machine, a decentralized global network and software engine for secure versioning of information and software development, allowing complex applications to run on limited devices by sharing resources.

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The Lyon Stone founders and management team are all top talent from well aligned disciplines in the healthcare industry, from deep experience in vendor credentialing and the development of secure portals and high integrity data security systems. We share the vision and the mission to respond to the crisis of corrupt data allowing for unsafe conditions in our facilities through implementing the latest and most secure system possible, while keeping the system simple to use and access.

Chuck Berkeley
Chuck Berkeley Co-Founder & CEO

Chuck Berkeley embodies the vision and integrity that is Lyon Stone, Inc.. As CEO, he forges long-term, successful partnerships with the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries and utilizes his lifelong study of finance. Along with his management team, Chuck designs, develops and delivers cutting-edge blockchain-based medical data management systems designed to increase the safety, cost-effectiveness, integrity and convenience of healthcare.

Chuck has served as the Managing Partner of Grey Medical, LLC and developed relationships for Stryker Interventional Spine and has 17 years of corporate leadership, as a leading sales-driven professional.

Chuck received his B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley and his M.S. in Entrepreneurship & Innovation from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University Indiana Bloomington.

A demonstration of Chuck’s dedication to excellence, competitive energy and achievement through personal health – he was a member of the U.S. Olympic Team from 2007 to 2014 and a 2010 Olympian for Bobsled in the Vancouver Games

Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee Co-Founder & CTO

Lyon Stone co-founder Matthew Lee, JD, PhD, MSTC, wields a versatile blend of scientific expertise and entrepreneurial know-how garnered through years of experience in technology commercialization, intellectual property and the pharmaceuticals industry.

After earning his PhD in computational biochemistry with a specialty in computer-aided drug design, Matthew went on to demonstrate his extensive skill set in a range of positions, including time as a U.S. patent examiner. Now, Matthew continues to prove his time-tested business proficiency and knowledge of intellectual property through current positions as a founding partner at technology entrepreneurship law firm Naughton, Duchenne, & Lee, and managing partner of Sutton Stone Venture Builders, where he helped guide Caywon Pharmaceutical toward their adoption of innovative blockchain pharmaceutical solutions.

With a passion for disruptive digital health technologies proven by a U.S. digital health patent and several pending patent applications in healthcare blockchain, Matthew will play a pivotal role in Lyon Stone’s efforts to reshape the way the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries approach information management and the patient experience as a whole.

Courtney Scott
Courtney Scott Co-Founder & COO

Since graduating from West Virginia State University in 2000 with a B.S. in communications, Courtney Scott has spearheaded sales operations at a variety of high-profile healthcare companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi Aventis, EKOS Corporation and Infraredx, Inc., in key markets across the U.S. Courtney’s proven track record of success has allowed her to showcase proficiency not only in the realms of sales and management, but also in the creation of dynamic, effective teams and the development of strong professional relationships.

As a co-founder and COO of Lyon Stone, Inc., Courtney leverages her wealth of experience in meeting and exceeding sales goals to drive the success of the company’s blockchain-based healthcare information management platform. She’s excited to help Lyon Stone’s clients implement this innovative technology to ensure that the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries reach the highest level of digital security and accessibility to better serve providers, facilities and patients.

Peter Hoang
Peter Hoang Director of Technology

Peter Hoang, Director of Technology, is the lead developer and designer for Lyon Stone who has a passion for solving healthcare’s problems. His focus is on creating functional software using the latest technology stacks with a strong focus on UI/UX, security, performance, and scalability. Being both a developer and designer allows him to quickly and effectively take products from concept to shipment.

With a background in Public Health, he has a strong interest in the intersection of health and tech, specifically in the areas of long term sustainability solutions, biotech, blockchain, data analytics, and IoT. Peter keeps his skills up to date by participating in hackathons, most recently winning the 2018 TMC Innovation Biodesign Hackathon.


The world's most advanced distributed computer and enterprise app development platform.  It is powering Lyon Stone's blockchain-enabled digital solutions for the healthcare industry.

The world’s most advanced distributed computer and enterprise app development platform. It is powering Lyon Stone’s blockchain-enabled digital solutions for the healthcare industry.

A new breed of drug product developer led by a team of former pharma IP attorneys and drug development experts.  Caywon seeks to accelerate the translation of biomedical advances into innovative products through “distributed partnering”.

A new breed of drug product developer led by a team of former pharma IP attorneys and drug development experts. Caywon seeks to accelerate the translation of biomedical advances into innovative products through “distributed partnering”.